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  • We do not look Down on others or their opinions

  • We appreciate those around us.

  • We make an effort to understand with empathy others point of view and the specific situation they are in.

  • We do not insult or mistreat others.

  • We treat People with dignity


Adult Education

  • We treat students like thinking adults.

  • We encourage students to discuss, participate and challenge.

  • We recognize the experience that adults already have and relate learning to that.

  • We promote active involvement in learning process.

  • We build in different activities to maintain interest and appeal to differences in learning preferences.



  • We believe in constant improvement, learning from everyday experience.

  • We look for opportunities to update our knowledge systematically.

  • We recognize the experience that adults already have and relate learning to that.

  • We consider learning as implementing behavioural change, and not just expressing theoretical knowledge.

  • We create an environment that facilitates learning.


Walk The Talk

  • We model the behaviour that we expect from others.

  • We are clear about our values and beliefs.

  • We are aware that whatever we do, should set examples for others.

  • What we do is more important than what we say.

  • All those in leadership positions will be role models for the team and students.



  • We shall promote an entrepreneurial mind set.

  • We shall develop leadership attributes and team building abilities.

  • We shall promote innovation, creativity and sound decision making in the wake of uncertainty and ambiguity.

  • We shall develop skills for calculated risk taking and exercising initiative in a given business environment.



  • We shall provide in depth learning experience which is academically, intellectually and personally challenging.

  • We provide rigorous learning experience to understand complex, ambiguous or contentious concepts.

  • We provide stimulating, engaging and supportive learning experience that promotes questioning the assumptions and deep thinking and not memorizing or information recall.



  • Our curriculum will not only be current but forward looking.

  • Learning in the institute will relate to the 'Real World' of the hospitality.

  • Our students will be familiar with latest industry practices.

  • Our group work and projects will be relevant to the current Management styles.

Advisory Board
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